Denim on Denim Summer

August 25, 2016

how to wear denim on denim for summer
Denim Jacket | White Tee | Polka Dot Denim: Express (similar) |
Lace-up Flats | Satchel Bag | Necklace: The Limited (similar/similar)

Summer is getting ready to be over soon and although I'm prepping for fall, I'm making a strong effort to wear those summer pieces out but they get pushed to the back of the closet.
This is also that time I'm doing a refresh on my wardrobe pieces and debating on what needs to stay or go. With the season changing, I try to think about what I didn't give enough love to and reasons why, because more than likely it shouldn't continue to take up space for the next season/year if I didn't commit enough this season. Plus, lets be honest, I'm also just running out of room in my wardrobe after incorporating new fall goodies. I hope to build a more capsule wardrobe where I truly have staple pieces I love to wear on repeat, but my problem is having too many favorites.
I'm a "million of everything" type of girl. I love having the same style of something in every color.
For example, I have this bag in this color and the rust color.
I also have these lace-up flats in seven colors/prints. (Obviously my favorite flat!)
Nordstrom BLANKNYC denim jacket for summer
I guess you can say I'm indecisive, but I've been trying to make better efforts on building a wardrobe that has maximizing results. Right now for me I no longer work in the "corporate world" so I've been working on changing it up a bit from a closet full of work dresses, blazers, skirts, and pants...
to a more casual everyday wardrobe that I wear more often.
Those work pieces are still in my closet for just in case occasions (plus I love workwear looks), however I don't need a whole closet full now, when my casual pieces are very limited.
I would love to one day share a closet reveal and discuss my wardrobe choices but let me keep working on it. Is that something y'all would like to see on the blog?
I always love feedback on how to make this space a better inspiration to y'all.
So a denim on denim summer look today but next week I'm tapping into fall looks.
I'm sad to see summer leave but happy for fall's arrival, just needs to be sooner rather than later.
denim on denim summer outfit inspiration
polka dot skinny jeans and Nordstrom lace-up flats
how to wear denim on denim look
denim on denim outfit inspiration
Nordstrom BLANKNYC denim jacket and Rebecca Minkoff satchel

With Love,

Red Hot Summer Señorita

August 22, 2016

Straw Tote: c/o DressBarn (similar/everyday tote) | Bracelet

As much as I've been begging for Fall to be here already, it's just not, summer is still thriving.
At least in Texas that is, because the only time it's cooled down was when it has been raining.
So when the sun graced us with its presence again, I decided to put on the summer goods for a day in the town. For an off the shoulder dress, this one is perfect. It's comfortable for all day wear and I love that it's different with the tied straps at the shoulders. Labor Day is approaching and this would be great to wear for a BBQ or "sunday funday" out by the water. The best thing is the price for this dress, especially if you are on the fence about scooping up a summer piece with fall around the corner. However, I think this would be cute to transition into fall, paired with a vest or leather moto jacket, or even a white fur vest for the winter! It comes in a dark blue as well (now sold out online) but check out the stores because that color works well for the next season!
Otherwise you can twin with me and we can be like that emoji dancing girl who is in the red dress!
Have a happy Monday y'all...
how to wear an off the shoulder dress
H&M off the shoulder summer dress
dressbarn summer straw woven tote bag
off the shoulder summer dress inspiration
forever 21 summer espadrille wedges outfit
H&M off the shoulder summer dress

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August 18, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, than you probably already saw these snaps, but if not (shame on you!), here is a peek at what my feed looks like on a daily basis. After sharing these pictures as an introduction, I've added a new "Shop My Instagram" tab at the top of my blog for you to constantly access what I'm posting and easily shop the posts. Check that page out and a few pictures below...

payless cork platform strappy heels
(on major sale!)
summer outfit inspiration - Nordstrom review

I can't stop wearing this bag, it's not too big but it's perfect for everyday wear running errands or even girls night. I really wanted the all brown bag but it sold out so now that it restocked I ordered it (and full price) because I seriously love this bag that much. I've also been wearing these sandals non-stop. I finally made the plunge on them and they are worth replacing my old sandals. 
Nordstrom Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel Tory Burch Sunglasses
how to wear plaid and skinny jeans, outfit inspiration

Wore this outfit on a recent road trip as I toured around Nashville and this outfit will be on repeat because it's really comfortable and has some favorite pieces. Obviously I can't get enough of plaid for the fall so this was a cute boyfriend style shirt I recently picked up that will be great for the upcoming season. Also, how many times have I raved about these jeans? See me chat here and here about them. I also have the distressed version and they are worn all the time! They fit perfect around the waist and ankle. Unfortunately these espadrille flats sold out already and since it's almost fall there are slim options left but I hope Nordstrom brings these back for y'all cause they are really comfortable. 
Nike juvenate sneakers and zella live in leggings

I bought these sneakers in black and white at first and loved them so much, I had to get this pair. 
Literally the most comfortable nikes I think I have. Also I'm new to this brand in these leggings and I don't know why I haven't worn them before, they are so amazing! Totally worth the price. 
A'GACI plaid shirtdress and combat boots for fall
(Outfit minus sunglasses less than $60!)

I've been wearing shirt dresses nonstop lately and won't stop anytime soon for the fall. 
So comfortable, easy, and versatile!
Nike sneakers and zella crop live in leggings

This is the cropped version of the same legging brand as above. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 
I bought so many of these leggings recently, already tested working out and they hug me just the way I need for working out. 
Nordstrom Sam Edelman Fringe Suede Ankle Boots

Leave a comment below with your favorites and let me know what else you would love to see either on Instagram or the blog! Head to my Instagram to see the posts live, plus don't forget to sign up with 
to get emails for exact links to what I'm posting! 

Plaid Shirtdress Worn Two Ways

August 16, 2016

plaid shirtdress worn two ways
Plaid Shirtdress: c/o A'GACI (similar/similar) | Bucket Bag: JUSTFAB (similar/similar/similar)
Sneakers: Old Navy (similar/similar) | Shorts: similar/similar | Watch | Sunglasses

I have been obsessing over plaid shirt dresses right now and can't wait to wear them on repeat for the fall. I mean plaid in general is a staple in my wardrobe so it was a no brainer that I would stock up on these shirt dresses like I do a plaid shirt. I love the color combo of this plaid one because I love blue and pink together but I also scored on a red one, green one, plus black and white. For those of you still working on your back to school shopping, a shirt dress is a must have because it's really versatile and can be comfortable for those long days. I wore this to run errands but love that it can be casual for a movie date, paired with tights/booties/belt for fall, or chic it up a bit for a girls night.
This particular shirtdress is great but size up a bit to compensate for length, as it has a scoop hem, unless your going for the show the legs type of look! Otherwise it's perfect to wear open, layered over pieces to create dimension (as shown below). Think of it as an updated look to your typically grandma cardigan because you can wear this as a cardigan and since it's a thicker fabric, it keeps you warm all while feeling soft and cozy. Football season is approaching and this look would be perfect, wear it closed at first and then wear open later in the day for a game
to create a "different look" with the same piece.
Budget tip: just steal your boyfriend/brother's plaid shirt and wear it open or tied for the same look!
plaid shirtdress outfit inspiration for fall
plaid shirtdress and sneakers and bucket bag
how to wear a plaid shirtdress for fall and summer
back to school bucket bag and shirtdress
how to wear a plaid shirtdress
plaid shirtdress for summer and fall outfit inspiration

With Love,

Long Island Travel Diary: Farms & Vineyards in North Fork

August 10, 2016

For the summer I jam packed my schedule in order to fit in as much traveling as I could, per my bucket list goals. Before I embarked across the country with my blogger friend Sarah, I stopped in Long Island where she lives to see that side of New York. Today I am sharing a few snaps from my adventures and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the area and really enjoyed my time. 
Don't judge me as I'm no alcoholic, but we went to a lot of places involving alcohol. We originally wanted to go to this beautiful Lavender Farm as well but the field was not high enough, so we went to these places. Don't worry I had a designated driver, so I indulged a little bit while on vacation.

This place was so breathtaking for a vineyard. The place was big in itself and then when you step outside in the back, they have this beautiful rose garden with flowers everywhere. 
This would a great place for an event and I would definitely recommend if you want a nice wine tasting vineyard to enjoy. I ordered a set of four different red wines (because I'm a red lover) and these were great.

This farm stand was such a nice place that had really yummy treats. I was hungry for a snack so I grabbed some potato chips and they were beyond good. But for the ultimate yummy snack, you HAVE to get the strawberry pie, look at the picture below because it was so big and so worth it.

Next was a potato vodka distillery that uses local farm potatoes from Long Island and this place was so neat. You go upstairs for a tasting and I got to try a sample of 4 flavors: raspberry, strawberry, lemon, and orange. The strawberry was the best in my opinion and a bottle definitely made its way back home with me. 

One last vineyard we stopped at, because "wine not" and it was just as nice. I only ordered one glass of wine here instead of a full tasting because I didn't want to be dragged out of there after a day full of drinking but it was nice to sit outside and relax, while running through the vineyard for a bit.

Fall Dreaming

August 8, 2016

H&M casual tee distressed skinny jeans ankle boots
Casual Tee | Distressed Jeans: A'GACI (similar/similar) | 
Scarf: Nordstrom (similar/similar/similar) | Ankle Boots | Tote Bag

Summer is still here in full effect as this heat wont die down, however that doesn't stop me from dreaming about and shopping for the fall weather. I know you may not be thinking about wearing a scarf right now but I've been buying a few lately and for now they can be a great accessory on your tote bag. If you're looking for the perfect oversized casual tee, I just scooped up this one in multiple colors. Running errands, traveling, layering, it's already been my go-to tee for the week. I'm wearing a size small for reference and I'm glad I didn't size down because the looser look was what I wanted.
Also, I saw more colors available in the store like the one I'm wearing, a light blue, and a pink.
You can't beat that price though, that is why I scooped up a few colors because I'm sure I will wear these out. Speaking of a good price, check out these ankle boots if you want to update your boot collection without breaking the bank. They are really comfortable and I love the tassels on the side.
Did this look get anyone else to start dreaming of fall or have you already been prepping your closet?
A'GACI distressed skinny jeans ankle boots
A'GACI ankle boots Sole Society Ravin tote bag
distressed skinny jeans ankle boots for fall
how to wear a plaid scarf for fall

With Love,